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On this site you’ll find topics which affect transportation from the East Coast to Southern California and the PNW.  In addition to providing transportation trends and current events, this site also offers resources for moving your freight. Providing you this type of information is something we’ve been doing for a long time.  It’s an effort we’re proud of and one which has helped many of you find the answers to your transportation questions.

You’ll find help for all your transportation needs on the following pages: 

Happening Now:  This page will highlight bogs which address international business and cargo movement issues.

Logistic Services (LSUSA):  Do you have an upcoming domestic move?  We can provide you with a quote for drayage to and from your ports, full and loose freight movement, and warehousing or trans-loading.

RCL: Check the RCL Agencies page to move international shipments by air or ocean.  This includes rolling stock, out of gauge and project cargo.

Contact Page:  Remember this is an interactive site:  Have a transportation question; please contact us on issues involving international traffic, ports and terminals or domestic trucking and warehousing. Your comments on blogs and information contained on this website are always welcome!

Matt Guasco – President INF Marketing and Logistics, Inc.