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In the Wake of the Titanic – Icebergs in the North Atlantic

On the evening of April 14th, 1912, the HMS Titanic was making her way from Southampton to New York. Steaming off the coast of Nova Scotia she collided with an Iceberg at 11:40 pm. By 2:20 am after taking on … Continue reading

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The Age of Sail Reborn

Launched in 1851 the “Flying Cloud” was the fastest clipper ship under sail. Making the run from New York to San Francisco in 89 days 8 hours, she set the record as the fastest Packet ship afloat, a record which … Continue reading

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U.S. Trade Policy a Delicate Balance

Happening Now As we usher in a new administration, there is much speculation about the direction our trade policies will take. Campaign rhetoric leaned heavily toward abrupt change in dealing with our trading partners and talk of high import tariffs … Continue reading

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